Quick access menu

The Quick Access Menu quit showing when I hold the Home button for a few seconds. It was working but now nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

What device and what update version? On my fully updated 4K Max ( It still works. Use to be almost immediately but now it took 3-5 seconds to open it.

Fire Stick 4k. Software version (NS6289)/3905. Software is up to date.

Ok. This happens on occasion with older 4Ks. I found unplugging it from both the tv and power, wait for a minute or so then plug it all back in and boot up. Then try again. That seems to clear the state. “my apps” disappears on my 4K Max occasionally and I have to do the power cycle to clear the state and have it display “my apps” again.

Still not working. It was working fine but just quit. Maybe a software update glitch. I thought about doing a factory reset but I really don’t want to do that.

Well it’s only a minor inconvenience really. I never use that interface. I always go to settings>apps. There is an app you can install from Techdoctoruk that gives you the same thing. Don’t temember what it’s called though. I’ll see if I can find it.

Ok thanks. Yeah not really that big of deal. I appreciate your help.

Now I can’t find the darn thing. You might know.

That’s ok, don’t worry about it. Thanks anyway.