Question on Xenon

I recently updated to 9.1 yesterday. After adding all my favorite shows in the library got a notification that 9.2 was out… So I updated… Then to find out there was no restore option under log in tab
to set the build up like it previously was before the update. Now I see there is a 9.3 available when I returned home from work… Is there any restore option when going from 9.2 to 9.3? IF NOT, Is the backup and restore option under chief matrix wizard basically the same thing if I were to save it on a USB stick?

Not sure what you are trying to setup, but I upgraded 9.1 to 9.2 and didn’t loose favorites. I did not do a fresh install when the option came up, did you?

Thank you very much for the reply… I did the update 9.3 and yes it saved all bread info and also my library and weather so it worked perfectly. It is re downloading my library. It’s quite a list so it will take some time. I did do a manual backup just to make sure… I tried that backup on a second nividia shield and it also worked perfectly… Actually it was much faster cause it did not have to redownload the library list.

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