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i currently subscribe to TiviMate and NoLimit.

Problem after watching for around 30 seconds it starts continually buffering. i have a wired connection but live way out in the sticks. internet speed is around 15 mbps. Cinema, Synclyr, and Xfinity Stream work fine, only this iptv keeps screwing up!

help please

Are you using a VPN? Does it take a few seconds for the channels to start playing initially or do they start right away? What is your buffer size set at in the Tivimate settings? And how much free storage space do you have on your device? Does NoLimit have their own app that they recommend using? If so, do you get any buffering when using that?

15mbps is on on the very low edge of being able to stream. Does your provider offer low bandwidth channels? If so, use them. Also, try staying away from anything with an HD in it’s description. Try using only SD streams. If you can connect using an ethernet connection; do so!

Btw, kill ALL background apps running and clear cache on ALL apps. A vpn will usually hinder (but not always) the speed of your signal. So if you are using one try turning it off to test. If you live in an country that one is not required. Then I wouldn’t use one. Where I live in the states I use one to deter Concrap from throttling me, but in your case if you get throttled you would just about be at around 5-7mbps, and that spells disaster for streaming.

fyi, since you live out in the sticks. Have you researched StarLink? They had a beta program that claimed speeds of 50-150mbps. There is also Hughes Net, Viasat, and several others. Hang in there 1,000’s more satellites are being launched every year. Imho, I believe this is the wave of the future for internet connects worldwide!

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…add Fast Task Killer to compliment Background Apps and Process List.

I found an easy way to clear ALL cached data using a Nvidia; settings>Device Preferences>Storage>Internal shared storage, or [SanDisk] USB drive> Cached data>OK
This clears the cache in your apps. Then using the Background Apps and Process list I just need to force close any app I choose without needing to clear the cache on each one. Then my last stop in that app is using the Fast Task Killer. With one click it kills a bunch of stuff running that the Background App doesn’t locate. I usually just don’t close out the Background App and Fast Task killer and just let them run. This way after clearing my cache. I only double click on my home button to bring up the Background Apps and then proceed. I try to make the steps less cumbersome making the process less annoying to do.

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Hate to say it but the 15 mbps is a huge issue. Good luck.

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