Question About VPN Services

I am a “non-techie” and have a question about VPN services. The IPTV service that I use has a web option which allows me to open and view programming on my iPad. I have on my iPad a monitoring service, Trend Micro. This service provides a VPN. However, I am not sure if it logs in and outbound traffic. I also use IP Vanish on my iPad. When using the IPTV service I will always start IP Vanish.

Here is my question. When I start IP Vanish, does it take over or am I running a VPN service, IP Vanish, through and VPN service, Trend Micro?

They don’t talk to each other technically.

Your best bet is to run ipvanish and turn off trend macro.

Don’t need 2 vpns running.

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I agree IP vanish is the best only need one any more will just slow your speed down.

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