Question about a Double VPN

I purchased a new router for my home a few months ago and two weeks ago I discovered I could run my VPN service on the router to cover anything that runs through it. At the same time, I have an Android box with my VPN running on it also. I’m scared to remove it so I currently have a VPN tunnel running on another VPN tunnel. I also like the real-time security of that Green Dot always flashing on my screen.

My question: Is there any loss or gain in security doing this? Is there anything I need to know about this setup that may cause an issue?

real slow speeds. A vpn cuts your signal in half(that varies) so in a sense you are throttling your connection to 1/4 of its capability.

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Thank you, Ron! I did a speed test with both on and I was getting 80 upload, 110 download. I turned off the VPN on my Android box and the speed test went to 227 upload, 235 download. So, I guess we’re deleting the VPN app on the Android box…

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