Quality & Quantity Of Links

My recent experience is that it’s becoming more and more difficult to get quality links for tv programs although “google” links appear occasionally after an absence of several months. Ex. A tv program as popular as NCIS, on Friday night I was unable to get a link at all, much less those that buffer right away. Are any of you having a similar experience?

use real-debrid in your apk

The closing down of openload and streamango has created a shortage of links at the moment. It will probably be a while for replacements to be available. Meanwhile, Cyberflix and Morph TV seem to be holding the fort with a good amount of streams.

Same problem for me per Cinema links, but cyberflix is working very well, plenty of links.

Even with Real Debrid and vpn I’ve noticed a reduction in quality streams. Usually end up alternating between Cinema, Cat and Mouse and Unlock to find a stream that works well.

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I agree with Randath, just end up looking at alternative APK’s until I find one with links available.