Proton Mail, is it safe

Anyone enlighten me on Proton Mail, on 02/10/ 21 Mr T warned of new Swiss rules. I used it previously, is it SAFE? Thanks in advance.

I guess “safe” is a relative term. I use it because it’s end to end encryption and the only one my bank will allow for confirmation codes because of that. So it’s “safe” from prying eyes or thieves. Now where you might not consider it safe is if you use it and are a “person of interest”, or on the terrorist watch list, and under investigation by authorities then they can subpoena Proton to get info on you. So steer clear of child porn or human trafficking etc. and you’ll be “safe” using it.


What a brilliant explanation, I use it for the same reasons you do, end to end encryption, because I am a good boy I will carry on using it.
Many Thanks.

Hello everyone,
I agree with Miki. I have been using Proton Mail for about six months now. Got away from GMAIL, they were getting too intrusive and my accounts were getting hacked. So far I really like Proton Mail. Yes, I think they are a lot safer than GMAIL and some others I have tried. I read the new Swiss rules and did not have any problem with it. Just me two cents. Take care.


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