Projectivity launcher question with wallpaper question

2 questions here. I went back and using the Projectivity launcher. I have ot set uo to a oint but noticed there are several apps that did noy migrate in the change. I bit the bullet and bought MXpro and it shows up on the page with my Wolf Launcher but not with Projectivity. Also there are a few others that don’t appear. Made sure all permissions were ticked but nada. Something I’m missing.
Also trying to download some wallpapers from Wallpaper Cave. They download but I can’t find where they are going, definitely not into my external drive. It shows nothing at all.Racking my brains out. Thanks

mxpro was prob just put in a catagory by default. Usually that can be changed by going into catagorys and poking around. Click on a catagory and go down to manage apps.

right now I have only 2 categories, stream and utilities. I’ll play around to see if I can get it to magically reappear. Thanks

Biggest problem is when I go into a browser and find a program like Wallpaper Cave and supposedly download an image and it staes so, where is it going? Does not go into my internal storage. In fact nothing shows up in the storage.

Maybe going into Download folder?

Get a file explorer like X-plore and then you should be able to find it and see the path to that folder.

I use a Cloud to be able to transfer files between the two platforms. Save the file inside the cloud folder on my PC and then log into my Box and go to file explorer’s Cloud option and copy and paste into the box main storage.

last post of the day. I have spent the majority of the day trying to figure out why nothing I download goes in to my internal storage. Plenty of space . I’m trying to download some wallpapers from WallPaper Cave that says they are downloaded but when I go into the Wolf launcher to access the wallpaper files, it is empty. I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. Lots of Google searches, nada. Even my file mgrs I have shows nothing. I can’t find anywhere on my box settings that gives me an option od where to send stuff. MeCool KM7+. Any help or direcyion would be appreciated before I pull my hair out!

Try going into your device settings and look for wallpapers. They should be in there.

From there, you can activate them. I had a similar issue when i first used Wolf Launcher and tried wallpapers from Wolf settings.

I found them in device>settings> wallpape and used the one i wanted.

Good luck

Here is a link that might help.

That’s not the problem. It is that nothing I download goes to my internal storage. In the Wolf settings you go to the Wallpaper section , then to where storage is and it is empty. Might be the browser I use or ?

Suddenly they started to show up as a download. I think it was associated with the program and soon as I signed in, voila! So my problem not a device issue