Problems with onn Google TV Box after new update

So after I updated my Onn a couple of days ago.I can no longer stay connected to ethernet. I know this has been discussed . I have tried all suggestions still won’t happen. Also Task Killer no longer works. It keeps saying 0 ram released. I use to be able to get about 1000 ram I’m down to about 530 . It has progressively gotten worse. Also google assistant won’t communicate with Stremio.Also remote won’t pair with Tv . So is it time for a reset. If so will I have to re download all my apps. Or maybe it’s time for the trash can and get the new firestick. I have 3 in the house now all working good.Any suggestions?

I have the new ONN Google TV and it’s working properly as of January 28 2024. If you have the original, chances are that you are out of $19.98.

I have all the ONN boxes and both work just fine

Reset it and keep it. I still find it much better for me than the FS was as I mentioned in another thread. It’s the only one I have been using and keep it very clear of apps I don’t need.

Are you talking about a new box you just bought and had updates on setup? I’ve had the ONN for at least 6 months and other than the initial install have not seen any updates

I’ve had it since the new one came out. Maybe about 6 months. I think this is the first update I’ve had on it. Screwed it up big time.