Problem with various App updates

I just got a notification that YouTube and Netflix had updates. When I click on the update it says not enough space and it tells me to manage my Apps. I only have the bare minimum on the cube everything else is on the USB.

I usually delete the Apps reload them and then use Mixplorer to bring them back onto the USB. Does anyone got any suggestions? Thank You all in advance for your sage advice.


It’s the USB full? Maybe they are trying to update and install on the USB and it’s full.

Is the USB set to primary?

i moved to the cube do to lack of space on fire stick

Utilize Troy’s USB hack for an even better experience.

Dracoo, The USB is a 64 gig I’m sure it’s not full. How do I set the USB to primary? Thanks for your help.


If it’s not full then I’m not sure why you are getting getting error.

Someone will be able to help you I’m sure. Something is interfering.

This YouTube video should explain exactly what you need to be able to use your USB stick as storage -

Because the stick has to be formated specifically for the Cube make sure that anything important on it is saved somewhere else before you start - Because you are already short of space - something like Dropbox may be a good way to do this.

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I have followed all of TDUK instructions for this and it works like a charm. Nevertheless, I still have the update problem that says I don’t have enough space, manage your applications.

Thanks for the video though!

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