Problem with oceanstreamz 2.1.1

this version uses real-debrid…how do I get this app?

Never heard of ocean streams that has realdebrid ability I know you can get a version of it on unlinked as far as realdebrid capable I would like to know where to get it myself I always liked ocean streams let us know if you find it

oceanstreamz can be found on unlinked…but it only downloads the new version.
how do find an older version of oceanstreamz?

Install Ocean Streamz APK on Firestick/Android for Movies & TV Shows try this link. … These are the only ones I know of and as far as I know it doesn’t take realdebrid

Download Ocean Streamz APK 1.0.3 & 2.1.1 Latest Version Free

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He seems to want a old version I don’t know why never heard of a version that took realdebrid did you

Ive never used it but that page has the new and old apk dl.

I just looked at it and it does say realdebrid never new it was available see you do learn something new every day hahaha

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I will have to give it a look…so many apk’s and so little time :crazy_face: :clinking_glasses:


I used it for a while always pulled good links even without realdebrid used it till I started using stremio and syncler


Did you check out the link that txron listed looks like what you are looking for


Delete your old apps and old versions download fhe new one try again.

Thank you…installed older version as suggested.

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Yes I did and it worked…thanks

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