Problem with Crew Search

I cannot get either Crew or Seren to search a title on Kodi tonight. I there a problem not related to my fire cube. I use Spectrum internet and got a new router yesterday.


That happened to me as well. i have heard that some builds have now stopped operating, maybe some off the good people in here have heard any news



Still no luck. I called Spectrum as I had new modem and router installed and they assured me they are not blocking content. I reinstalled Kodi 19.1 and the Crew and Oath and they seem to load fine, but the searches take forever. I am logged in to Real Debrid and Trakt but noting seems to make it like it was before the modem replacement . The Troypoint speed test shows my fire cube at about 230mps, plenty fast. At wits end. Any suggestions?


Remove kodi, reinstall 19.3 then crew and seren and try again.

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Turns out that after I had reinstalled Kodi matrix, the crew and oath with no results and after speed testing my modem with both ethernet and wi-fi, that the all I had to do was Reboot the modem even though the speeds were excellent. Go figure! At least it’s working like it used to for now. Thanks for the advice. have a great day.:grinning: