Problem opening Kodi

Kodi doesnt open when I click app button just goes to grey screen. I have to go to settings on device go to apps then clear kodi cache ,stop app then relaunch it in order to open it. What could be causing this and is there a soultion?

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Best bet is to uninstall and do a fresh install. Try the rapid app installer for the latest stable version 19.4


Thanks I used rapid installer to install it and it is 19.4. Thinking about going down to 19.3 or 18 cause after I couldnt get some addons to install I read alot of addons wont work with 19.4 cause they changed pythons from 18 to 19.4 versions


Addons built for Kodi 18 will not work with 19. They upgraded to python 3 over a year ago. Kodi 20 has actually been released and is in betw mode. Still too soon to jump on the 20 boat.

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I have installed the KODI 19.4 Crewe build twice and it works for a very short time and will not open after 2 or 3 days , any ideas

I made a mistake it was the KODI Crewnique version on Kodi 19.4

What device are you using ?

Anyone know what difference is between kodi 19.3 and kodi 19.4? I saw a post somewhere that said Kodi 19.4 was just a fix. Im using a fire cube and using kodi 19.4 and as I have mentioned have had problems or issues so im really thinking about going down to Kodi 18 or kodi 19.3.

Kodi 19.4 is the latest most stable version. There is a Version 20 but it’s not sorted completely so would stay with 19.4. Don’t go backwards unless you have some older add on that won’t run on newer versions. 19.4 definitely the way to go. hope this helps.

Thanks I have uninstalled it and reinstalled but still have the same problems. Thats why I was thinking about going down in verisons and thought maybe if I did that and was able to use addons that wont work on 19.4 but work on 18 might enable me to find content I havent been able to find with addons on 19.4

Not sure what content you are looking for unless it’s really old but 19.4 is your best bet.

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What are some really good addons for 19.4? What build you use? Im using Diggz

Hi Clayton I loaded this build a week back using Kodi 19.4 and its still working OK for me, but I will keep a eye on it

I normally just use 19.4 with The Crew or Seren. The Promise is also a good one. Seren only works with a real debrid subscription. $ 3 a month well worth it, it helps with all your movie apps. You’ll get many more high-quality feeds using it. I only use 1 build normally and that is Skeleton Crew. Builds are too big for most basic streamers and not necessary. Firesticks, Onn Boxes etc. Don’t get me wrong they’ll run fine as long as you keep your device cleaned up of cache and whatnot.

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