Problem downloading Troypoint app

Read previous closed thread on this topic. I have the same problem. Using Downloader to download TPAPP onto an Amazon Fire TV I get the forbidden message. Have done everything everyone suggests (checked developer options, updated Fire TV, uninstalled/reinstalled Downloader etc etc), but still have the problem. Also tried to download the app using ES file explorer as explained in one of the replies, but that does not work either. Can someone help me?

Welcome! USB Debugging on as well as “allow downloads from Troypoint”?

I had this odd behaviour on a brand new 4K Max. I got it fixed a rather odd way. I installed a VPN, turned it on, connected to a server in the U.S.A. and then oddly enough I was able to use downloader and go to and install it.

Thanks for the help. I solved the problem by using a VPN to the US (I am not in the US). It then worked fine.


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