Problem After Loading Launcher Manager for Android on RAI

Need some help here…just loaded & was starting to configure the Launcher Mngr for Android TV app on Troy’s Rapid App Installer…and I don’t know what I pressed, but all the sudden my home screen went dark & I can’t get it back. Have a MeCool KM6…all other buttons on remote work, including the quick buttons for (YouTube, PrimeVideo & GooglePlay) but I can’t get to my home screen…nothing but black screen. Have unplugged & done hard resets on everything…Android TV reloads but still no home screen…dead in the water here…any suggestions?

Factory reset? I see vids on you tube for the procedure.

Pretty sure the instructions say that you have to launch your replacement launcher (Wolf Launcher or whatever) before disabling the stock launcher. Is that what you did?

No dont reset!

What happens when u hold the home button?

Very well could be…didn’t notice that. Had downloaded that one & LeanBack Launcher to check them out & when I opened it up I don’t remember what I did but all the sudden everything went to black screen.

Absolutely nothing…just a black screen. If I reboot the box, it’ll load & show me Android TV & then just go dark. Just downloaded & used Background Apps & Process List from Google Play & force stopped all running apps…when that Launcher app came up I force stopped & uninstalled but still no home screen.

Copy…stick a toothpick into the audio port. I reached out to MeCool…might be a while for an answer. Have a firestick a backup…so I’ve got time to figure it out before resorting to a reset.


Yeah if you cant get a menu of any kind, its gonna be tuff

It’d be nice if it had a safe-start like other devices…
The side-launcher defintly did somethin

maybe someone in here will come up with a plan

OK…success…was able to get into settings thru the Background Apps & Process Lists app…when I searched thru all the apps I came upon Home App & re-enabled it…everything back to normal now. Wheeeeew…no reset needed. Somehow I had a senior moment & disabled home…but good to go now.

Thanks to all for the suggestions…appreciate y’all :+1:

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