Posting application on Troypoint

Can someone help me review my IPTV application?

Welcome to Troypoint Jared. Without naming any IPTV supplier, can you explain a bit more about what you mean? Have you developed an IPTV player? Are you selling IPTV? Or have you applied to purchase a sub? Sorry but I don’t completely understand your request.


I would also get @TROYPOINT’s approval to promote your product in his forum. If he is okay with it, I’m sure we can give you some feedback.

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Thank you for your Reply.
I recently came across your website and wanted to send you the request to upload my application on your website.
We have Developed an application Named Purple Smart TV which is an IPTV player. We do not give IPTV subscriptions only the application.
We would like Post the application APK on your website and wanted to know what all you would need from us.

Thank you.

Jared Schoen

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You need to go through Troypoint with that request. No member here can grant you permission.

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As PF said. You have to contact Troy on
I don’t have any authority or access to the site GUI. I’m just a user like yourself.

The thing is that on the website there is a message showing that they cannot provide help/support.
That is why I messaged here.

But still I will try messaging them on the website.

and I would like to Request an application as well from @TROYPOINT for a free drawing for a new device. Thanks in advance :skull:

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I agree. It’s time. I love free. lol.

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Leave it to @TXRon to request a device drawing. LMAO