Popular ISP Company Will Hand Over User Data to Record Labels

Originally published at: IPTV - Best Free & Paid Services - Sep 2021 for Firestick/Android/iOS

Charter Communications, a well-known Internet Service Provider (ISP), is being forced to hand over users’ data to music recording companies. This comes amidst a legal battle between Charter and these music copyright holders. The Record Companies are asking for user information from anyone who received a “copyright infringement” notice from Charter, which totals over 11,000…

Also avoid VPN services domiciled in jurisdictions subject to the “five eyes” treaty. These services would be subject to data requests from authorities. For your own protection, also avoid “free” VPN services, which will actually divulge or sell your data.

Express VPN is an excellent VPN service, which is not under the jurisdiction of the U.S., nor the 14 Eyes groups of countries.

I fully agree. I’ve used Express VPN for almost a year after having disconnect problems with IPVanish and am very satisfied with their service. Only downside is 5 connections at once instead of 10 but not having disconnects is well worth it.

If Express VPN is apparently more secure than ipVanish, Troypoint might consider doing a comparison between the two services.


The main thing that makes Express VPN so attractive, is that it is NOT under the jurisdiction of the U.S., nor is it located in any of the countries which are a part of the “14 Eyes” referenced. From personal experience, Express has been totally reliable. As sim_bill said above, the only downside is that you are only allowed 5 connections at one time, instead of 10, as with IPvanish. Unless you absolutely need 10 connections at once, I give the edge to Express VPN, because of the reasons mentioned above. I prefer the peace of mind, explained in the link below. Here is a link for more information on the “14 Eyes”, and why it matters. BVI Jurisdiction: Why It Matters | ExpressVPN