PopcornTime unusable?

Recently when attempting to use PopcornTime, it prompts me to install an Amazon app called “Play Safe”.
Has anyone else encountered this?
What is “Play Safe”, and is there a workaround?
PopcornTime is unusable for me at this time.

Also, just tried using “Stremio”. Similar problem. Would not let me play the vid without signing up for Disney+!!
Whats up with both these apps?

I use streamio and have pretty good success using the following addons:
RARBG Torrents
The Pirate Bay
Juan Carlos 2
Juan Carlos 2 Torrents

Thanks for the info! Where would I get the add-ons?

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Click menu, addons, community addons, scroll through list and install addons. I recommend those I previously listed. My experience has been that streamio addons don’t provide as many links as APKs like unlockmytv, cinema, cyberflix or kodi-and there’s no real debrid-but those links pulled up are usually pretty reliable. Streamio subtitles are fairly consistent. And easily adjusted. For ease of use, streamio is my favorite because of it’s simple interface and library which is available across multiple devices. A word of caution… Make sure your VPN is running at all times as streamio uses torrents. In 2+ years of streaming, we’ve received 1 DMCA letter and it was as a result of failing to activate ipvanish one time while using streamio.

Great info. Will try tonight. Thx

Worked like a charm! Thx r_h