Pluto will not install on Nvidia Sheild PRO 19

I deleted the Pluto app a while back to up date it to the newer one but could never get it to download . Their is something on my box blocking it from installing . I have tried many time from many different surses Anybody know what the probem may be ?

it should be in the play store

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Make sure you go into the Nvidia settings>Security&Restrictions>Unknown Sources>Pluto (enable)

Feb 24, 2023 Current version is 5.24.1-leanback

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I can’t inable it because Pluto will not let me install it to the box and I’ve tried the Play store .

If you’re VPN is on try turning it off and make sure to allow unknown sources delete your cache if you’re downloading from the play store try turning on play protection then after downloading make sure to turn it back off . Can’t think of anything else that would be keeping it from downloading hope that works for you :v::sunglasses:

I just downloaded it from the play store without doing anything VPN on and play protection off so it’s gotta be something else on your shield. Without knowing everything you have installed and all your settings I really don’t know what else to suggest. Maybe one of the shield wizards on here will know something else to suggest sorry :v::sunglasses:. You could try a factory reset but you will have to start all over again with everything else also

Does the app download, but not install? If it downloads try looking in your file manager, i.e., X-plore and see if the download is there and use the file manager’s installer.

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Forgot about that one must of had a brain fart oono😋

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No ! The app will not install .

Try this: Pluto TV APK for Android Download (

Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies APKs - APKMirror

Pluto TV for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown

Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies - APK Download for Android | Aptoide

Here’s an idea. Try downloading it to your ohone or tablet and then send the app to your device via the Send Anywhere app. Worth a shot.

I’l check that out .

Maybe turn off play protect.

It don’t make any differents where I trie to install it . I’ve tried everywhere .

What browser are you using? Make sure you go into Security and Restrictions and enable Unknown Sources for your browser. Also, go to your “All Apps” and find your browser app. Then enable all permissions, or at least enable FILES and Media, and the Microphone.

I have installed in the last few days from the Aurora store with no issues on two shields. I believe you can get the store from Troy’s toolbox. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I have TV Bro and Downloader that I’ve loaded many apps from with no problems so that’s not it . This has been a long going mystery that I’ve never been able to solve an I don’t think I ever will .

Have you reached out to Pluto’s support? Maybe they have seen this before. On their support website a lot of troubleshooting articles based around making sure you are getting the most up to date app, and have the latest OS on your device, etc. They have an email support too, though. Maybe as a last ditch effort.

I’ll send them a email . Thanks !

Why not just install the m3u on your Tivimate.

I like the app better But I may go that route .

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