"Play Safe" / PopcornTime

Not exactly a new topic as I had previously asked this before. Does anyone use PopcornTime and if so, upon opening are you prompted to install something called “Play Safe”. Seems to be an Amazon application and there is no way to play a file without being forced to install this (which I am reluctant to do.)
Any thoughts?

Not an issue for me when loading PopcornTime. You may have a bit of malware.

I installed from Troy’s Rapid App so I dont think thats the issue. Even uninstalled/reinstalled it, but same results.

Doesn’t need to be in the App, but sounds its possible to be linked or associated to it whenever its run.
I clean up my Amz. stick occasionally using SD Maid. You can get a free copy here via Filelinked: 50853985. Click on the items in the left column to get an understanding what each task will do before scanning to see if it can find it and eliminate.
Otherwise your only alternative may be to reset your device and reload all your apps…
Hope this helps.

Thanks! I’ll consider it.

yes I had the same thing happen… How do I uninstall PlaySafe??

Go to “Settings” / “Applications” / “Manage Installed Applications” / scroll down to and click on the “PlaySafe” app / scroll down to and click on “Uninstall”.