Play back failed

Running latest version of Kodi and when I try to watch a movie on crew (not all)
of them but I get the following message.
Play back failed
One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information
about this message.
I can’t find the log to tell me what may be problem, as I have checked
but I am new so I may not have logs set up. Just wondering if anyone else
was having this problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.


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How to check logs.

What device you running on? Do you have a real debrid setup?

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Fire stick 4K
Software Ver (NS 6281/4061)
I have not installed real-de-bird yet. signed up just have
not installed yet.

The options you can try:

Clear your kodi data base. (Clear your cache)
Uninstalling crew and reinstalling

Make sure the crew is updated and kodi is as well.

You can try uninstall everything and reinstalling. I’d seriously try getting real debrid. Game changer.

Clearing your cache should help clean the app up.

I’ve tried all the above with no luck, except real debird I’m
just not ready to do that yet so if no other options I guess
I will have to live with this problem. I was wondering if it’s
because movie is not available, although it lists 20 different
ways to watch.
thanks for trying to help

Hi @glb1025
I just experienced a similar problem this morning. I found out that going into my VPN and changed the server to another location, and kept trying different locations until I found one that played my desired program.
I agree with @TP-Dracoo and others, use your real-debrid to improve the quality of your links and streaming experience.

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