Paying with a debit card for Syncler+

When paying for syncler+, which option do i choose to pay with a debit card? I see options like, Web money and others, but not debit/credit card. Thanks in advance.

Thats because there isn’t an otion for debit. Crypto or credit card with a reseller. If debit was an option it would be there.

Grab a copy of Stremio and give it a try. A little config is needed but after that its about the same as syncler only its free. You can integrate real debrid if you want(I have) and it helps with quality/quanity of streams but not required. Very robust but has a slight learning curve but once you try it you will forget about most other apps. imho :alien:


I definitely agree great app . And for free to boot such a deal. Slight learning curve as you said but not that bad well worth the effort. I have both stremio and syncler and love them both My go to apps very dependable :v::grin:

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my syncler sub runs out this month and this time I think I will not re-up. Seem to have plenty between stremio and vod’s to keep me busy :crazy_face:


How do I download Stremio with real debrid integrated on fire stick with the configuring?

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