Pairing Xanax & RD

Hi all!
I’ve been having MAJOR issues with receiving links for Real Debrid on Cyberflix and Cinema HD, so I thought I would try Kodi and use Xanax per Troy’s recommendation. I can’t figure out how to “link” Real Debrid. I found a vid on Troypoint,com (LOVE Troy’s vids!) however it doesn’t seem to address Xanax. I interpreted Xanax to be a “stand-alone” outside of Kodi so I am thinking the video may not apply to this app. Is this an incorrect assumption? Should I download Kodi itself?

Thanks so much!

I believe Xanax is a kodi fork so you activate real debrid just as you would on kodi

Thank you! I’ll follow instructions in that video. Have a great day!

Hello @sadmire Please take a look at this as I go through that in the video -