Pair Seren with real debrid xanax build

I installed the troypoint kodi Xanax build that has the seren add on. I can’t find any info on how to pair Seren with real debrid in this build. Troy just said in his real debrid and Xanax build that Seren was different but he didn’t explain how different nor how to pair the two. Can anyone help?
Sometimes I can’t understand the Troypoint logic threads on this website but the ones I do understand, I find them very helpful.

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When you first open Seren, where you would normally select what you want to duo, like watch movies, or watch TV, etc. - look for either Tools or Settings. You should be able to find access to Real Debrid there. Sometimes its under “Accounts” or something similar. Then you’ll be given a web address and a code to access the Real Debrid website to enter the code, and voila, you’ll be good to go.

I don’t use builds but was able to successfully configure Seren via the following: How to Install Seren Kodi Addon on Firestick/Fire TV and Android

Pay special attention to section labelled How to Setup Seren Kodi Addon.