Overcharged by IP Vanish

I have been paying for IP Vanish for a couple of years now and have been charged yearly. Now all of a sudden they are charging me monthly and costing me more $. I called them and they said they would take off the last month of charges $12.99 when they have been charging me that for the last 5 months! I asked to speak to their manager and all I got was “the manager is busy and unable to speak with me.” I don’t appreciate this issue and wished they had resolved it the first time. I will have to try and call again. Any help anyone?? Thanks


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Nothing we can do here, you would need to continue to speak to their billing team for a resolution.

I found out about IP Vanish through you all so I was hoping you would have a better idea than I did. Still hoping…


Troypoint offers a discounted rate through his website and insider, what ipvanish does after the fact isn’t something we can do or change.

I really appreciate you joining with us and getting a great discount. We don’t work for them. I’m not sure what happened with your bill nor of any price change. Please continue to sort it out with ipvanish, I’m sure they can help you. We can’t here.

Just call at a different time and get another tech…usually works once you get the right person that does not want to lose a customer…the snotty kids could care less…keep trying


Always use a prepaid cc to do these types of transactions. Also, if you do use your normal cc make sure you go back into your account and deactivate that card. An easy way I have invalidated a card was just changing the expire date in my account for a service that requires a cc on file. I do that even on “normal” sites like Google, Amazon, and even Comcast when I was not going to renew with them once. Did that one to prevent comcast from making another withdrawal even though they say I would get credited back. Yeah, right!

Other than that, your only remedy now is hashing it out with IPVanish. Their CS, imho, is not the best.