Otg connection firestick to laptop issue

I am trying to start my firestick in safe mode using an OTG cable with a keyboard connected to my laptop. The keyboard does not appear to be connected or working the laptop when connected the otg cable. I have tried connecting the keyboard and firestick to tv with otg cable and still not working. Any suggestions would be helpful. The keyboard is an Amazon basics. Thank you.

There are ways to start it in safe mode with the remote. Just search. Why are you trying to do this?

My firestick is stuck in loading screen and the remote is not working to get out of frozen loading screen. I have unplugging it, different tvs , different ports. The remote even with new batteries is not working right. I have an otg cable and Amazon basics keyboard to connected to tv but keyboard seems to be not working. I have tried pressing the 5 keys on keyboard but nothing happens. If i press caps lock nothing lights up as if not powered. My other firestick is completely black screen when i plug into tv. Thanks for your help. Any further suggestions

Well it sounds like it’s dead. So not many options. The only other thing is try a different power brick, a factory one.

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