Ota, antennas and other cable solutions

I do lots of antenna installs and this is the one most liked by the seniors that get it. Its the best small antenna ive ever used for reception…
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My personal antenna is this one, mounted in a closet on 2nd floor at the ceiling level…
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There is a lag of time for power strips to trip.
So you might have had the failure that you described & the strip not preventing that.

In any case, grounding your antenna into a power strip isn’t a great idea anyway.
If you can find a way to incorporate a grounding block (a very cheap part), the obvious place for it to be installed would be between your thin RG-5 & the thicker RG-6 in place of the adapter.

Quick question: Why do you think the damage came via your antenna wiring & not your house circuit?


“Why do you think the damage came via your antenna wiring & not your house circuit?”
The HD Homerun was alive, I could run it to scan for channels, send logs, but i could not get any channels.
Dis-Connected the antenna COAX from HDHR and connected direct to a single tv and the TV got all 32 Ch.
So antenna and COAX line were fine.
That’s why I suspect the part of HDHR that received the antenna signal was bad, and SiliconDust confirmed
it was hardware failure after looking at logs I sent.
SO, electrical part of HDHR worked, antenna processing not working hence I suspect some surge came in on antenna coax.
That’s only my opinion, I could be wrong, but I know this happens, even with the coax shielding.

That does make sense.
Did this happen during a thunderstorm?
I’m trying to wrap my head around how there was a large enough change in current in your antenna cable to cause a failure because of inductance in that antenna circuit, especially since your antenna is inside your attic.

Or Homerun could’ve failed on it’s own accord.

I keep both of my hdhr’s on a ups box in case of power glitch etc. The ups is a great investment. It sits under my desk and everything in the vicinity of my desk is attached to it. All my tv related boxes, pc’s, 6 monitors :face_with_monocle:…everything. And its saved me a few times living here in huricane junction :eyes:

Not sure.
We did have a power failure which tripped a GFI in the garage with my garage fridge plugged into that gfi.
Thankfully discovered that an hour or so after failure.
Not sure when HDHR failed exactly.
Could have been with power outage.
And of course could just be HDHR failed on its own.
I’ll never know.

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@Flt505 . I live in Florida, lightning capital of the USA, so grounding is essential. I use a simple yagi outdoor mounted antenna. A single coax runs from the antenna to an outdoor splitter, from which separate coaxs run to rooms indoors. I ground at two points - the antenna itself, and the splitter, which came with a grounding connection. YouTube has great instructional videos on how to ground.


Wow, that is a bit much on on the price.
I purchased a flat, amplified Antenna for around 30 dollars about 8 years ago. It works really great.
I am only saying this so readers out there won’t be discouraged from using OTA antennas. I live in a 1 bedroom flat on the top floor so, I’m happy that the Height is a giving for me.
It is great that your antenna is working out or you.

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Hi Bri,
I’m aware of cheaper antennas that work. I have a handful that I bought for $20 a piece that work. I sell them to customers . I only suggested that one model because the original poster is using their antenna in their attic . This specific model has a mounting mass and a longer cable designed for attics and rooftops . Cheers :beers:
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I have a $30 indoor antenna on both TV’s. I get about 55 channels. Then I jail broke my fire stick and I sideload apps from Troy point. There’s not anything I can’t watch…

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That’s what I’ve had for years…love it

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Right, as a I stated above I have a handful of $20 flat leaf antennas that pick up plenty of stations . The only reason I suggested that specific antenna is because the original poster is using an attic mounted antenna and this specific antenna comes with a mounting mass for attics and rooftops and it has a longer cable . Last time I’m posting this :see_no_evil:
Cheers :beers:
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YouTube is the best place to learn. I learned more on YouTube then I learned in school :sweat_smile:


Well if my antenna were outside I would definitely ground to a rod in the ground, straight down from the antenna.
But my whole discussion was oriented around an attic antenna.
Much harder to get the grounding wire to the outside without bends, and length, routing to exterior thru a whole in the soffit and so on.
The attic location is decided by direction to transmitters, roof planes, etc.
I am getting a surge protector with COAX in/out which they say grounds the coax line.
Not sure I believe that.

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Grounding can save equipment and houses, as far as that goes :cowboy_hat_face:


Oh it does ground… it’s just grounded via the neutral/safety path to your main house ground.

In your case, I don’t think that you should need to worry about safety with that.


:+1: from me, @peterrsa123. My first “cord cutting” move 10 yrs ago was to setup an antenna… since there is a mountain between my house and the nearest broadcast tower, I have to get my reception from 90mi away. Closest “line of sight” avaliable.
Learned alot about antennas ‘the hard way’.
If someone is on a limited data plan, ota is important…


Smart Grandfather a good antenna in attic definetely brings in local and fringe area’s.


For anyone that’s interested in getting free tv with an antenna check out this resourceful website :

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My service gets almost every channel in the world, but my wife watches shows on the OTA antenna 90% of the time. That or Netflix.