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I hope i have posted this in the correct topic.

When you try to purchase a voucher through keyoneclick for a 12 month subscription, it states at the bottom of the details, " month to month subscription".

Has anyone purchased such a voucher and if so, does it mean a once a year payment?

Or, does it mean that the yearly subscription is divided by 12 and charged to your CC every month?

Thank you

No, i never bought a voucher. If you are buying with Orion, the best way is honestly crypto.

@TP-Dracoo Thank you. I was trying to buy crypto through keyoneclick voucher. Hence my question. I have contacted orionoid. But they do not accept CC payments, thus my attempt through keyoneclick crypto voucher.

Hopefully, orionoid and keyoneclick will answer my original question.


Don’t buy with keyoneclick… they need to be gone and dont know why they are still on onions site.

Why do you suggest that. Are they dubious? And, where do you suggest I purchase crypto for use with Orion?

Orion do not accept CC to purchase bitcoin. It was they who told me to use keyoneclick.

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@TP-Dracoo . I have just read numerous reviews on keyoneclick.
Thanks for the heads up. I will just stick with my free orion.


Because they are thieves. You dont use CC on Orion for crypto you need to setup a crypto wallet with someone and send crypto to Orion.

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Thanks for the advice.

We have a guide here on coinbase if you are interested if not free works fine too.

Thank you. Will check it put.

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