Opening Favorite Channels in The Crew

This may be obvious but I don’t see how to open the favorite channels saved in The Crew or how to activate a shortcut for them.

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If it’s anything like my add-on only Kodi, then favourites aren’t shown in the add-on, they’re on your Main Kodi page on the left hand menu, "favourites "


I know how to add favorites to the Kodi Estuary home page but I haven’t tried adding channels.

Hi - this is the way I use favourites in Crew
Find the channel, movie or whatever and long press on it, then add to favourites.
On the main screen scroll down to favourites and select it. Then click on the favourites shown to play it.
To delete a favourite long press on it and select remove.
Hope this helps

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I add "favourite " channels for my Mad Titan add-on and then click on “favourites” to choose which one I want. Works quite well, but does have issues like brief lockups and buffering, all of which has nothing to do with Kodi. I now find myself using it more often than OLA TV, as it is easy to use.

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