Onn. Stick appears to need another region allocated to it?

Hello all. I’m in the UK and purchased the new Walmart Onn stick privately from an eBay seller for £50 (yes I know, expensive considering the Walmart price).

It arrived just after the Downloader app was taken down, so that held me back from following Troy’s video through showing how to turn this stick into the Onn. Beast.

The next problem once I knew that I wouldn’t be able to use Downloader was that JioPages won’t download for me here in the UK and appears to be region locked.

I’ve tried changing the region the Onn. thinks we’re in by a factory reset, and trying to use a US IP address both to no avail.

I’ve tried a couple of other browsers to try and get to the next stage in Troy’s build, but nothing seem to want to recognise Google Store as having JioPages or being able to get to the next stage?

Has anyone in the UK managed to follow Troy’s Onn. Beast build? Any ideas how to? Is there a similarly strong app like JioPages I could use?

Help appreciated, and thank you all for reading. :+1::grinning:

You could try the Aurora store, it should be there. Brave browser a good one.

Thank you for your reply Throttlejockey.

Been trying many things, but searching, I found TDUK (sorry Troy if you don’t like another place mentioned!) and it was suggested there to use TV Bro as the browser (although not friendly enough?) and then to get Downloader 1.4.4 from there too.

Finally, I’d got Downloader, then I could go and get the other apps in Troy’s build, well, everything apart from Jiopages that is; it still doesn’t let me get that, I might need to us an Indian VPN, but I’ll leave it for now, my Onn. is doing what I want it to.

I’ll have a look at your suggestions soon, again, thank you. :+1::grinning: