Onn box not holding tv settings after update

one day after I did the onn update on my original box and the remote update immediately after the onn box no longer keeps the tv power, and volume settings. FPushed the little button to reprogram the remote to the tv settings and it works one time then nothing. tried another remote same thing. tried the remotes with non updated box and the work fine. So Onn box updated Feb of 24 no longer keeps tv settings in memory.

Im sort of lost on this one mostly because of the date of February 24th. I got my box in December 2023 and when it started up, there was an update. Ive not seen anymore.

Can you tell us exactly which Onn box you have please and thankyou.

It is the Walmart original box and is the update that came out in November. Will do a factory reset later this week and see what happens

my reference to feb of 24, is when I got around to do the november 23 update