Onn box & Google home

The onn box suggests installing Google home on ypur android phone to help control the box. One of the interesting features is a remote control for the box. When you try to connect the phone app to the onn box to use the remote, it asks you to "Enter the pair code on your tv’. Does anyone know where you’re supposed to get the code from? I assumed it’d just pop up on the tv screen, but nothing happens. And of course, like all Google directions, they’re utterly useless. If anyone has ever gotten this remote app to work, I would be very grateful for any help.

Even though I don’t have a box YET, I want to follow this.

Now I don’t have the latest Onn, but I do know that if I want to use an app on my phone to control my device I have to turn off my VPN so both the phone and the device are seen to be on the same network. Hope this helps.

Miki, not necessarily so. Using Surfshark, there’s a bypass option that allows certain apps to bypass the vpn. I believe that might work in this situation.

For me, the code was generated by the tv via its Bluetooth add a device menu.

Was it a tv or a walmart onn 4k box?

Yes tunneling, but I would personally never tunnel any app, ever. That’s just me. My vpn is always on.

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I am glad we don’t have that problem with the FS. I have controlled both of mine using my phone or tablet since I got them using SS.

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