Onn 4k new box just not readily available

Most people just want to stream and have something that works. The majority of people I know who stream can care less about all of the enhancements with audio and video. Most ppl dont give a crap about refresh rates. I’m glad you found what works for you. Congrats.

All good skook. I didn’t mean any offence to you. I just love having a quality picture and sound as I watch a lot of TV. I also am glad you found something that works for you. I’m just a fussy old man who enjoys quality.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

As with many things, there are varying levels of users and enthusiasts that are vested differently into this interest.

Different factors may take priority - budget, features, brand loyalty, etc.

It’s probably hard to presume any of us would know the data well enough to state which level is the majority or the minority.

I engineered the setup of hardware in my primary AV room that provides the best viewing and listening experience that I’ve come to appreciate. While it’s certainly not meant to sound like bragging, it’s …“challenging” to not watching a source that’s not DV with an Atmos or DTS-MA track when available. The experience without it, while very functional, is anemic once you’ve grown accustomed to that level of fidelity.

To each their own, of course, but I clearly understand @Miki point.

That being said, I don’t have any regrets for any of my owned devices, be it my shield, my two Onns, my Mi Stick 4k, my Mecool, or any of my several Firesticks and FireTV. Do I have a favorite? Absolutely - for my own personal reasons.



Lol. No offense. I just like adding depth and drama to the ongoing Shield vs Firestick vs Onn vs cheap china vs whatever, because it will go in and on, even after I’m gone. Lol

Absolutely. I just was hoping I hadn’t offended you as that certainly wasn’t my intent. A little back and forth is good but some get real intense and that’s when I back out.

I was stirring the bees. I don’t get offended online. In person is one thing, it’s real. I just create a group of words, with a big smile on my face, sometimes a random chuckle. The device SAGA continues…:smile:

All good skook. I’m exactly the same way. In person is personal, here it’s just tossing cow patties and see what ya hit. If I can assist you in any way please let me know.

I have to admit, I’m a Nvidia Shield snob. However, yesterday I was at Walmart and they had the new Onn box in stock. For $20 USD I decided to buy to see what the hype was all about. If it didnt measure up, I was going to give it to a friend.

Wow, am I impressed. I cleaned up the box per TP video. Installed Flaucher and Launcher manager (I really hate the Google TV interface), added Emby, Tivimate, VPN, ESPN, Youtube (comes preinstalled). I ran all all day yesterday watching EPL and College football and it ran like a champ thru Wifi (which I’m always skeptical about since I have my Shields hardwired.)

So, for $20 it’s a nice little device and well worth the money.


That’s because the person in electronics at that time normally works children’s clothing or they are so old they just don’t have a clue. Like the automotive center, the butcher and the toy person are certified to change tires and oil. :joy::joy::joy:

If people mess up their boxes I swap the box out for a new one and charge them a $25 service fee .



I want to buy a new box what do you recommend excluding any Amazon products? Something top-of-the-line. Thank You all for your sage advice.

Anon, what a great question. If you can figure out what you need your device to do, you’ll almost have the answer. Benjamin Franklin said, "A problem well defined is half solved.
Do you have a smart TV? Amazon, Google, Roku, etc.
Do you have multiple HDMI slots, one being ARC?
Do you mostly stream verified or unverified?
Do you mostly stream IPTV, verified or unverified?
Do you download lots of movies, music or photos?
Do you have or want a soundbar?
What is your intent speed and do you have data caps?
Lastly (for this abbreviated list), can you afford and willing to spend $100 $200 $300spend

This post is about the Onn 4k android box. For $20 it’s a good buy IMHO

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Thanks, jbaney for your response.

BigDave, I have a smart TCL TV Roku equipped.
1 HDMI, not sure about ARC
Just for streaming Movies and Series
Not for music, photo’s or downloading
Yes, I have a soundbar
Download 195Mbps, Upload 39Mbps, Wifi strength, quality and internet speed is capable of 8K
I would put a limit at let’s say $200. I am fed up with Amazon products blocking different things on my Fire TV Cube. Thanks for your sage assistance. Lastly, I am not computer savvy.

You can never go wrong with the Nvidia Shield Pro, however, your Roku TV gives access to hundreds of verified movie and TV apps. With Roku you don’t need Google certified devices so I would look at Ugoos X4Q $90-100, Buzz Classic or Former Z11. These high end devices offer more RAM and more Storage for Streaming unverified Movie and TV apps such as Stremio, Wyed, Syncler, your IPTV off choice or even add Kodi as a hobby if you have the spare time and desire.
Everyone has a favorite and I hope they offer other recommendations, but you can never go wrong with the Nvidia Shield Pro.

The ONN Box is great for Adding KODI + RD + Trakt plus Tivimate and an IPTV Service or 2. This is all you need. If you want to needlessly spend for a higher end box by all means shell out for the Shield and perhaps even add Stremio, Wyed, and Syncler if you have the spare time and desire! :rofl:

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Gonna start a new thread on what you need and price

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