Older version of X-plore

Had to factory reset my Firestick and the X-plore app available now does not offer an option for Google Drive. Is their a way around this? Thanks.

ES File Explorer Pro in Troy’s Toolbox?

I tried that couldn’t figure it out. Where to go to add Google Drive?

Click on cloud drive, a page should pop up to log in to Google drive.


This has why I have never updated mine. I hope I never end up in this situation. Good luck.

What version of X-plore did you have? I think it should be possible to download it again and sideload.

Lots of tutorials on how to access google drive on FireTV OS using Kodi.

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I use either the lan or wifi settings within xplore to network.

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Just opened a Dropbox account, did it that way. Thanks all.

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