Old Fire Stick with Kodi Laplaza and Real-Debrid

Just saw the latest Troy suggested build. I have the old Firestick with an old version of Kodi. I’m looking to upgrade since I am now encountering buffering problems with Convenant and Exodus. Can I install Laplaza and real debrid on this old stick? Or should I get the latest Firestick and completely start from scratch? Interesting enough I continued to get “No stream” available. I’ve cleared providers and cleared cache but still no go yet I get all the XXX channels in HD with 100% clarity and frighteningly loud sound? I know some people really wouldn’t complain about this but I was really trying to see “Frozen II” Any suggestions?

At the $24 price point now I would recommend that you get it and through away the old one. You will amazed at the difference in performance. Hurry quickly to get the price!!

Dido “alovett” comment. Night & day performance improvement, wifi signal receiving improvements as well. You will not be disappointed…in fact you will slap yourself for waiting so long…;)))

I’ve been streaming for four years now after retiring and cutting cable off. I’ve learned in this time that if I wanted buffer free streaming I had to get my tools in order. First off let me say that you can use your existing Firestick but if you can afford to get the latest one it is a much better device. Then make sure you’re receiving at a good internet speed to the device, I use the free speed test app Analiti which can be searched and downloaded from the Amazon store. I’ve also learned if you can get a separate modem and router to replace the modem/router from the ISP helps too because ISP’s devices aren’t always the best for us. Just doing these steps helped me tremendously. Location of your router is also important since WiFi is not like a hard wire to the router. The closer the stick is to the router the better the WiFi signal. If you can’t get the router close to the stick, maybe look into some type of mesh extender(s) for your network. Real Debrid is always great to add to the system for quality sources. These are all the steps I took to get my streaming as buffer free as possible. Don’t forget your VPN for protection. I use IPVanish because Troy and many other streaming pros say it’s the fastest out there. And remember, using a VPN does slow down the speed to the device so make sure your internet speed from your ISP is fast enough to compensate for this and all the devices that may be pulling your WiFi simultaneously. Hope this helps! Happy and safe holidays to you and family!



Excellent response and outstanding advice!!