Ok... Another kodi question

Thanks for your patience, it has been awhile since using this…I have installed kodi and Crew. So when I click on kodi, the side list cones up…I have to go to add one to get crew then another side list… which when clicked on, just lists the programs. It’s this correct? For example on kodi it says “your library is currently empty,etc.” All the way down to add one. Is this correct or did I yet again miss a step? It is not how I Remember … I can click on those crew lists and get all of the info so maybe this is how it is now. ?

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When you open kodi, you should get a split screen. Scroll down to add ons, you should see your add on on right. Move over highlight and click add on takes to search etc

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Yes, you are correct. You have to go into the add-on first and then search for content.


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