Oath not finding streams

I have 3 firesticks all with 19.4 on and noticed that on one of them in Oath tv shows search it doesn’t bring a full list of streams from the providers on the episodes.

I’ve gone into the oath settings and compared each one with the others and they are all the same?

All the firesticks have downloaded from https://host505.github.io

Yet it brings back different providers.

Any ideas?

I installed Oath as well on 19.4. No streams available on TV and movies. Reinstalled and still nothing.

It seems that a lot of addons and builds are incompatible with Kodi 19.4. If it was working for you on 19.3, I would suggest using that.


It brings back streams and plays ok, but one of them brings back different providers and plays, that’s what i can’t understand…