NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro to be Released Soon

Originally published at: New NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro - Are The Updates Worth The Price?

On Thursday, Amazon accidentally leaked the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro and it was quickly taken down after they realized this mistake. This comes in the wake of Newegg also leaking the new NVIDIA SHIELD Stick on the same day too. That listing was also removed as well. From the sounds of things, the new…


Your review is spot on. About the only thing that really seems somewhat improved is the remote. Still only 16 gbs of internal storage and 3gbs of RAM makes passing on this product a no brainer. I bought and played around with Nvidia Sheild and unless you are in it for gaming and not streaming, I’d stick with a good pure android device. There are plenty of them out there with more flexibility, customization, apps,RAM and internal memory.

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Troy as always thank you for keeping us up to date. As someone who has progressed in my streaming skills/knowledge based upon the new Nvidia Shield would you wait for the new product or purchase the “old version” at a $20 savings? Not a gamer but thanks to you a “streamer”.

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