Nvidia Shield setup?

I am wondering if Troy has done a setup tutorial for the New 2021 version of the Nvidia shield tv ? I saw he had one for the Mecool device and I am wanting to setup my Nvidia with VPN as well as side loading apps. Also he mentions buying the regular instead of Pro because you can expand the regular memory. I am swimming this is via the micro SD card also I hope if he has a tutorial this would be explained as well. Thanks in advance I am brand new here and looking for any help I can find on this topic.


There isn’t a new 2021 shield. Still the 2019. And the setup is the same.

You get a setup tutorial in your email with a guide and a video.

Sorry, I just purchased the a shield Pro and figured it was from 2021. But either way you said I get a tutorial in the email? Can you explain further? What email? Is it from Troypoint or somewhere else?

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No new nvida shield came out. So yours is a 2019. All the same specs.

What do you need help with exactly? You can access the app store so alot of stuff you can get from there. You can put the troypoint app on your device. Every new subscriber gets a email with a setup tutorial sent to there registered email.

This setup tutorial gets emailed to every user.

Ok yes I did get something like that. I just know he talked about setting up For external storage and a couple of settings. I will try to go through and see if I need anything specific I will add to this thread


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