Nvidia Shield pro on sale 12/13/2021

I just picked up a Nvidia Shield pro 4 k on Amazon for 179.00 limited time deal 20.00 off the regular price of 199.00 if anyone is interested. Not sure how long they will be on sale.
Have a great holiday all.


Toying around with that. I think I can find a buyer for my Tube for around $75 bucks. Tomorrow I weill know!

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It figures…after I grabbed one :roll_eyes:… best box evah…hands down :boom: You will love it.



It’s still 260 in Canada… so enjoy.

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179.00 what?
bananas, rupee’s roubles

Best Buy & others dropped it 20 bucks as well for all the Amazon boycotters…

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Sorry US dollars and yes Best Buy dropped the price by 20 bucks also.

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