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I currently have the 2nd Gen, Fire TV Cube that keeps getting stuck on the lower right side of my tv screen saying “loading”. I called Amazon twice and they had me re-set to the factory setting. Nevertheless, hours were wasted trying to get this thing working again. I am not tech-savvy and without Troypoint I would be lost.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of purchasing an NVIDIA SHIELD PRO. I just do streaming, no gaming. Can I use a USB on this as the Fire TV Cube? Can I use Troypoint for downloading all the Apps or do I have to look elsewhere?

Any and all suggestions and or sage advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanking you all in advance for your anticipated cooperation. Slainte!


For me personally I love the Nvidia products. Having officially “cut the cord” last year all of our TV’s run on Nvidia Shield products. We have 1 Shiled Pro and the rest are the “tube” version (2019). In my opinion, they cannot be beat expandable storage, excellent processor and AI upscalling all contribute to a great streaming experience. The only negative I have right now is they “upgraded” the user interface and it has an “Amazon” like appearance (ads etc) so this is one of my only negatives I have found over the years.

If you are serious about streaming to me it is well worth the price.

Hope this helps.

Thanks emxpheet. I appreciate your time in responding to my request.

I use both Amazon Fire TV and the Nvidia Shield TV 2019. I have encountered certain limitations with both systems, certain apps I cannot install on one but can on the other, that sort of thing. Your previous correspondents comment about the Nvidia home screen is easily overcome by installing the Wolf Launcher via Troypoint. The Shield Pro does (i believe) have a usb port which can be used for installing apps, connecting peripherals etc. Yes you can use Troypoint rapid app installer etc. There are many more settings options on the Shield so it would be worthwhile going to YouTube for tutorials on how to get the best out of it if that is the route you decide to go down. However, if you were happy with Amazon I would not necessarily write them off. I still daily use a second generation 4K box that is 6 years old and I have many friends who have various versions of the Fire family that all work perfectly (none use the cube though).

Thank You, rinaldim9556 for your detailed response. I truly appreciate it.

Nvidia Shield Pro is still the best and fastest solution. The difference you see if you use a Fire TV Stick. It feels very slow if you normally use a Nvidia Shield Pro.


Not only you have all the pros and few cons mentioned by Troy and members, but having compared Nvidia Shield with other android tv boxes, I find that it’s wifi is stronger, and using NordVPN I find very marginal drops in wifi speed.

Nvidia box if you can afford it is amazing and well worth it.

Minimal speed tie downs with vpns as well.

You can still order boxes that run like the shield for less but not completely up to pair.

If you can afford it yes buy one. If not get your self something with the same specs for less.

Male sure when running a VPN it doesn’t slow you down. Nord is good for that.


I bought mine in 2017… it has received upgrades numerous times & continues to function better than any of the various (&cheaper) Android boxes that I I help my frineds with… been an excellent long term solution

Would buy it again

I have two 2015 and three 2017 Nvidia Shields. I used to have Firesticks. I would never consider going back to Amazon Firesticks. The Shields are faster and widely available on eBay for under $100. Purchase the new remote and you’ll be good to go!

Troypoint has a tutorial on how to get rid of that new interface.

The Nvidia Pro is the best IMHO. I run a 2019 Nvidia Pro on my main TV. That year’s version even came with a game controller, but the more recent year’s editions do not. I also bought one of those Tubes for a bedroom. It’s ok, but not nearly as good as the Pro. In retrospect, I wish I would have spent the extra $50 bucks and got another Pro.


On my list probably after Xmas.

Good to know they are loved and being used often.

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i have NVIDIA SHIELD PRO i love it but it is more difficult than a normal android box.
Troypoint has videos on how to do this. You will have to side load you android apps.
Unless downloader working again. Put apk files on a usb stick, insert into NVIDIA SHIELD PRO than you can load from there.
nvidia is very quick and i am very happy with it. Cheers

My FireTV Cube died so NVIDIA SHIELD PRO here I come. Can anyone direct me to the best setup guides? Thank You.

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It’s pretty straightforward as far as the device settings. I like the AI enhancement on with high detail. Setting up apps and everything is the same as a firestick or other devices.


I changed some settings in Developer Options that I learned from some YouTube Channels. I’m not sure, but maybe Troypoint has some vids. I changed some Animation Scales to .5X, but I would first recommend you watch a couple of vids on the subject.

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Black Friday may be the best time to look.


I just got the Nvidia Shield Pro can anyone share an a video on how to transfer Apps over to the USB to free up space on the Shield. *** Any other hacks are greatly appreciated. Thank you all inadvance and here’s to a great Thanksgiving to you and your famalies. Slainte!

Hi @Anonymous
This has been thoroughly discussed here on the forum. Do a search above, there is some great info and tutorials, tips and tricks.
Good Luck.

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