Nvidia shield pro dual voltage?

Seriously considering purchasing a Nvidia shield pro. Only issue I have is regarding voltage. Is it dual voltage? I’m currently living in Europe but returning stateside within the next 2 yrs. I can purchase it here in Europe and use an adapter/or buy a US cord when back stateside if it’s dual voltage. Option #2, have one sent from the states.
Would love to hear feedback from users on both sides of the pond. Thanks!

Yes. it supports 100-240 AC 50-60 hertz . I have 2 and love them. You will still need to get the correct adapter for the correct plug as you said. :v::sunglasses:


Thanks for confirming Bigrich!

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Yep I have 2 and I have tried a few different boxes over the years and nvidia shield is the best compared the the other ones I have tried. You cant go wrong with them. Easy to program and the remote is really great once you get used to it.

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and I read an article yesterday saying that Amazon is going to have yet another “prime” deals day soon and may have the shield pro on for as little as $130-150. That would be amazing. Keep your fingers crossed.


On paper it seems like a no brainer.

That would be amazing.

I’m watching for it.

Let me know if you see it on sale need one for a sick friend want to surprise her thanks in advance :v::sunglasses:

I will. I found some for $130 but it wasn’t any seller I recognize and sounds to good to be true.

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