Nvidia Shield (2019 Pro) Happauge & Emby

I am wondering if anyone is running 2019 Nvidia Shield (Pro) with a Hauppauge WinTV dualHD Tuner and Emby? I am looking to completely cut the cord but am looking to record live TV however cannot get Emby running on my Shield (both server and client apps). I cannot seem to login to their server and have tried loading the server portion on a PC with the same results. Tried firewall settings etc but can login on tablets etc so I am thinking it is related to settings on the Shield itself.

Had issues with Plex and 4K playback of recorded local TV so I am attempting the Emby solution but having similar difficulties as with Plex. Realize it’s slim chance someone in the group is running the same setup but hey it’s worth a shot/post.

Thanks in advance,

use tivimate and can record anything

My wife isn’t streaming savvy, so I had to keep things simple for her, so we have YouTube TV, which works essentially like a DVR (up to a year), and is very reliable. Biggest downside is is the $65/month they charge. I haven’t tried the timivate method so I can’t comment on that.

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