Nvidia sheild hotfix 9.0.1

anyone aware of an downsides or concerns of this Shield update?
(hotfix 9.0.1)
don;t want to screw it all up - now have an audio issue at start up and have to reboot

I’ve done all the updates and at present everything is working as it should…so far. When I did the 3rd update that fixed the Mouse Toggle issue, but then they broke it again with the 9.0.1 update. Then they fixed it again with the 9.0.1 +hotfix image 1.

Now with the 2nd hotfix since 9.0.1 was verified everything I use is working, albeit, with a bit of tweaking on my end!

All-in-all, they’re getting there little by little.

Btw, they verified 9.0.1 after the 3rd hotfix. So, I would imagine after the next hotfix. Then they will most likely verify 9.0.2 in a few more weeks.

thanks == here it goes 9.0.1

Forgot to tell you, Bezos is my cousin! :rofl:

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