Nvidia not recognizing my external HD

I am having issue were my Nvidia shield does recognize the external drive, but the external drive willl not connect to the Nvidia Shield. Does anyone have any suggestions. It just started doing this past week.

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Try unplugging the power for 5/ 10 minutes and reboot it post back and let us know how you make out :v::grin:


I did do that it did not work. Thank you for the suggestion.

Did you format it to fat 32? That’s about the only reason I can think that it can be seen but unusable. It may also be a defective drive.

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look in developer options and make sure its set to mtp if using it for external or charging for internal

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Sounds like it was working and this just started from what I can see it just started this week

Yes try reformatting, and they do go bad, try it in another device and see,

probally just got disconnected or dissassociated after google update or similar…they just love fixin’ stuff :roll_eyes:

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Yes it did just started last week. The Nvidia shield does recognize the Hard Drive, but it won’t connect to the hard drive. Do you think a factory reset will fix it. I know I will has to reload my apps.

Thank you it is using mtp.

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Yes it did just started last week.

It probably happened after the last update a week ago . I have read threads on the Nvidia forums tha some lost the use of their hard drive after their last up dated . Nvidia is having a lot of trouble sense moving up to android 11 .

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Yes me and you are right. I try to told the Nvidia Shield technical staff that their updates cause the issue, but they will not Admit that what cause it.

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If the mtp option was pick. But thank you for the advice

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