NOW TV latest apk that is compatible with Firestick 4K

Can anybody help me with this ? I am a UK subscriber currently stuck in Aus.due to the pandemic. A software update was performed in October and I can no longer access. All the latest versions seem to be incompatible with Firestick

Hi @John221
Which APK are you referring to?

Hi @John221
My apologizes. I see you mentioned.
Could be that NOW TV isn’t compatible with Kodi 19.3 version yet.

I haven’t downloaded Kodi … being primarily US based I didn’t think it would be on there ? I will have another look on Aptoide TV

The original file was NOW_TV_2.17.0.NowTV.apk.

The incompatible file is

Hi @John221
Thanks for clarifying. My mistake in assuming you are using Kodi. So by the looks of your reply, you found the incompatible file.

Yes just wondering how to find the right one?

Not sure where you downloaded the bad file from, but try unlinked app, you can get it off of the @TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer, then type in the code 55555555 and look for your app there.

Thank you. There are limited apps on there and Now TV is unfortunately not one-of them. I did a search on Aptoide and found x 2 files one of which needs to be updated and the other incompatible with the Firestick device .

That is unfortunate on all three accounts.
Seems to have you have exhausted my ideas, save one…. Try searching See if you have any luck there.
Let me know.

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