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so Gumboil, I went looking for the Brit channels and 2 I couldn’t find All4 and ITVX. BBCiPlayer wanted a British license to view and My5 wouldn’t work at even though it downloaded. Do you have abetter place to get these? Also are you located in GB? Thanks

Hi Remy. I am a Brit who emigrated to the US in Jan 23. I use the U.K. apps - BBCiPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4 and My5 but it is tricky to be able to download the apps outside of the U.K. if you have an Amazon streaming product you need to switch your country to the U.K. in order to be able to access the U.K. Amazon App Store. If you are on an Android or Google TV streaming box it is even harder. You can switch your Google country to the U.K. to access the U.K. App Store but Google only allows you to do this once per year so it is difficult to switch back. I have set up my streaming device with a new U.K. based ID - you can do this and it is perfectly legal.
However I have found that the IPlayer app does not work well on an Android/Google tv box and on those boxes I get a message for ITVX that it is not supported on my device,
I want to use these apps because I find the live services available are inconvenient because iof the timeshift. Even if you get them to download you still need to register with a U.K. address.
I currrently use a rather old Firestick 4k max which works perfectly well but that might not last much longer. If this stops working my longer term solution is to use an old iPhone for which I have set up a separate U.K. based Apple account. This enables me to download the aaps and play them using a VPN (some apps are quite clever and not all U.K. servers work). Incidentally I do this to be able to download the App for my U.K. bank. Although Apple products generally do not cast or mirror directly to a tv or Android box without a subscription to an app like Airscreen I simply use an adaptor to connect my iPhone to an HDMI port on my TV - not an ideal solution but workable. I would guess that there is a similar, perhaps better, workaround if you have an android phone.
Finally unless you want to watch very British live events - eg coronation - most of the shows end up very quickly on streaming services, and sports and sports channels can be streamed using several apps - I use Sportsfire. I find most shows are accessible using Stremio within a few days, often a few hours, of being shown on the U.K. channels.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for response. The BBciPlayer loaded up very well and I did change my VPN to London and it worked well until it asked for one of those pesky license you Brits have to have. No biggie I do get a lot of stations on my iptv service but thought having these separate stations would be nice. Funny how we like the crime shows from Britain much better than those here in the states. Loved Happy Valley and London Kills. I do have quite a few on my Stremio saved for later. All is good

Glad things are working for you. It is a long time since I registered for the IPlayer but if it asks you if you have a licence just tick the yes box. If you need to register with the BBC or some of the other U.K. channels if I remember correctly you will need a U.K. address and Post Code. I can show you how to get these if you want.

Do you use kodi?

I’ve used Kodi for many years. I have 2 that I have a couple of builds on, but it seems I use them far less anymore. The APKs I use like Stremio or UKTurks provides excellent streams

I’ll keep that i mind, Thanks

If ya after itvx and 4od etc try the catchuptvandmore addon in kodi. Its in the official kodi repo under video addons. Just go to catchup tv part of addon in uk section itvx is stv. Also try bbc iplayer addon in kodi repo.