Not enough storage to download app

I added a flash drive for storage, but I can’t seem to download anything new, without getting the message, not enough storage. I have moved a few apps to the storage.

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So I’m going to make an assumption and say that you followed the tutorial completely and correctly.
If that’s the case, may need to move more installed apps over. Also, try force closing and clearing cache the apps that are internally stored on the device. If you are using a Firestick 4k, it won’t take many add-ons to quickly fill it up.


Don’t forget Task Killer to stop background apps from running. TROYPOINT has a tutorial on that too :blush:

It’s a type of de-bloater.

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Thank you for the information.


Thank you, Lady Boss!

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I still can’t get mine to update Apps, it reads not enough memory. I have a 64gb flash drive with everything that will transfer over on it using Mixplorer. ;-(

I have the same issue. I followed the tutorial completely. Some apps indicate there is an update needed. I click download and then it shifts to install mode and then gives the notice that there is not enough storage. It only happens on apps I’ve moved to the USB storage. I have to delete and then download again on internal storage to update the apps. Is this normal?

A lot of apps won’t allow updating on external storage. You have to move them back to internal storage. Then update them and move back to external storage. You can use a lot of the file explorer apps or adb commands to move the files.


A link for adb commands.