Not able to find Real-Debrid in Supperman

firestck4kmax after loading everything on my new 4k4 i have noticed adds after im done watching a movie have to wait till they are done before i can go back to main page off app is there some setting i can do to stop this ? thanks

you would have to download addfree apps

Thanks for getting back,only having the issue with BeeTV,
Nova and FilmPlus

i use film plus took me a while to find addfree version

Thanks, I will search through and see what i can find for add free for all 3

its worth the time adds will drive you nuts :+1:

Have you checked Krypton, or the bottled city, Kandor? lol

Use Blockada v4 (free) or SurfShark CleanWeb (paid) to get rid of these obnoxious ads. BeeTV and Filmplus are basically unusable without one of these ad blockers.

The title made me smile this morning. A super heroe that brings me supper :grinning:

Have a good day guys and gals