Nord vpn not allowing access (bbc iplayer)

Hi I’ve been in contact with Nord regarding the fact that I am outside the UK and cannot access bbc iplayer, they have had me do dns leak testing and changing lots of settings but nothing seems to work. I’d be grateful for any help/suggestions

Not to sound like a smart alec but did you choose a server located in the UK?

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I’m now watching BBC iPlayer with Nord VPN from Norway. Working great. I’m connected to Manchester and protocol is set to Auto.

Have you had pretty consistent connections?

Yes done that, i even got a lis of recommend servers from nord but i fared no better

It’s been a while since I watched BBC iPlayer. I just turned it on to check after I saw your post. And it worked right away.

Which protocol are you using?
I use Nord Lynx and no all here from Asia.

Try this link. Just type in " United Kingdom" in recommended server. This will give you the best connection server.

Open vpn and search for that server and connect to it.

I have this site bookmarked and use it whenever, i have any issues connecting to BBC I Player, which is not very often

Another solution is to search for bbc iplayer on your srarch engine.
Tap on the 3 dots in right hand top corner and " add to home screen".
This will give you a shortcut.

Turn on vpn, and click on shortcut. Select iplayer, sign in and bingo. At the bottom of the screen is an enlarge icon. Click on that and you now have a full screen.

Hope that resolves your issue. If all else fails, try turning off " threat protection" in your vpn settings.

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Hi Thanks for your help but i think this is accessing the iplayer through the website which works but its a bit of a faff i am trying to get the iplayer app to work consistently, still no luck though
Thanks anyway

The reason I suggested that was to see if it worked. If it did work, then perhaps try a different version of iplayer apk with +sideload.

Ah you will have to explain that one to me, the app i have is from playstore no need to sideload but if i got it frm somewhere else what would be the point, would it be a different version?

When I had the issue with iplayer. They sent me all the tests to do and finally gave me a link to the app with + sideload.

I cannot explain why it works as opposed to their normal app, but it does. I have had trouble free iplayer now ever since. And that is some years ago.

Not saying it will work for you. But drop Nord a line and ask for the link.

If it still doesn’t work, then I am out of ideas.

Good luck.

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